Convention of Fiqh- Woman and Islam, held at Hall D MAEPS, closely located from Faculty of Medicine and Health Science, UPM. Okay guys, just disregard the venue, it's not the big thing, more important here, in this short article is the context and big picture of the program. Organised by Mursyid and K-Fiqh Sdn. Bhd. with the main funder, Lembaga Zakat Selangor. Just to give some credit to the organiser.

The spotlighted issue

The main issue is the gender equality proposed by several groups of people. They fight for something, that I must say, that "something" has baseless or groundless basis. However, their cause to fight for the gender equality has one basic factor- the unjust and unfair treatment upon women, dear brothers, nobody bears to be treated with hostility, even a man.

and, there're many keys for this lock 

Yeah, many orators, speakers, scholars and so on and so forth, have come to the effort explaining the real message, the true taught on how Islam actually provides a wide, limited yet appropriate for everybody, and women are taken into account. It's just nice and suit every single living thing.

Okay, I'm pretty sure, there're a lot of explanations to read, from many perspective, and of course more reliable as they are based on Al-Quran, sunnah, and the ulama' muktabar.

So, I'm going to use another way, just for variation, as me myself, I'm supporting any authentic article based on what I've aforementioned.

Uncle Ben* once said "with great power, comes great responsibilities". I'm totally moved by this quote, and yes, it did cast something on me. By certain degree, I'm aware to say the quote implied the basic rule of power. Power doesn't come with responsibility only, it brings together the egoism, and it's closer to tyranny, as long as I'm concerned, many men failed to be good leader, they were a good ruler, they were a good conquerer, but again, they were nowhere closer to be a good leader.

This is the risk and cost to bear, and while many women outside there demand for the same right and power as what men did, are they thinking about this risk? Had they been thinking about this, they will be more grateful of what they've now, maybe.

Egoism, narcissism, patriarchy are those words that women never like. A man with malevolent policy, dumb idea, dull vision and wrong decision is supposed to be a wall where people throwing their hatred.

Lemme make this clear, when you have power, you must bear the jobs and tasks that conjugatedly come togther.

Secondly, women do not have this kind "appropriate" egoism to be a leader. I've met several ladies with great order and determined character, but these few examples aren't assumable and worth to represent the whole women.

Egoism for men and jealosy for women, both egoism and jealosy are not wrong at all, just like a blade, correctly using it will cause nice outcome and vice versa.

Finally, it's hard to be a man, seriously said, don't just get easily bewildered by particular insidious cause, and disclaimer, I'm not against gender equity, as far as I'm concerned, gender equity defers from gender equality.

Please read other sources, this is not an academical or research-based article, seriously not. Merely my own view, though I could explain much detail and fair, this is not the suitable place, for me. Please read proper literature.

This issue only the tip of iceberg.

*Spiderman 1- Peter Parker's uncle

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